The role of ICT tools in motivating learning and increasing the quality of education​

About Project

Identifying the best teaching methods that will lead students to acquire specific science competencies by facilitating and accessing content using IT tools and techniques


Initiating a strategic partnership aims to improve basic skills in science disciplines using innovative practices, digital learning tools and materials in the educational and training process within the Erasmus plus KA229 program. The project objectives for each partner are as follows: - Involving teachers in implementing a program of activities involving the integration of information and communication technology and methods innovative pedagogical teaching in science disciplines. - Creating a database of open educational resources RED or OER Open Source Educational Software, digital learning tools and tools to increase attractiveness school and facilitating learning. - Improving school outcomes for students in Science

Working process

Collaboration with partner schools will be done through a twinspace by using all the digital and communication resources made available by this. Orectus takes place for 2 years starting September 1, 2018. On-line meetings will be held monthly or whenever needed. this project will involve students from all partner countries, grouped by each consortium school. The strategic partnership will consist of 4 schools from different countries. Also, the collaboration will be resumed for the writing of the project in order to submit the 2018 Erasmus Plus KA229 strategic partnership application

Expected results

We intend that once the project is completed, this space will become a public Twins where we will upload the results of the project, which will become examples of good practice for the interdisciplinary teaching of science disciplines. Through this project, we aim to improve the methods of teaching learning evaluation, making students more attractive to learners and interactive learners, using innovative methods They will thus develop communication skills in English, teamwork, planning and organizing activities, projecting through the project.

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