The role of ICT tools in motivating learning and increasing the quality of education​

4 st Meeting – Romania

The activities in the LTT in Romania aim to increase the quality of education by integrating information and communication technology and innovative pedagogical methods in teaching subjects in the field of science. Within the activity, new open educational resources will be created, thus increasing pupils’ interest in studying these subjects and implicitly improving school outcomes.
Teachers and students in partner schools will come into contact with the specifics of the educational process in Romania, will share their knowledge and abilities, thus consolidating the links between the education systems in the European space.
Participants in the activity are students and teachers from the target group and students (28) and teachers (10) from the organizing school.
The activities will take place in computer science and technology laboratories and will be digital lesson management activities on the e-learning platforms of the school: Moodle and Wanda education. Through workshops organized by computer and English teachers, in collaboration with engineers, physics and math teachers, teachers in the target group participating in LTT will have the opportunity to create collaborative lessons and questionnaires using e-learning platforms . Also, there will be lessons with the theme: Applications of physics in mechanics and electronics, to which both teachers and students of the target group will participate. These lessons will use e-learning platforms and open educational resources created in other LTT activities developed in partner schools.

Two documentary visits will be organized at the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications and at the Faculty of Mechanics at the University of Pitesti at the testing laboratories and the laboratories equipped with state of the art production functional equipments that are currently working in the DACIA RENAULT plants.

Integrating information technology into the educational instructive process, creating new teaching and assessment tools and materials with elearning platforms will be the main benefits of teachers and students participating in the US-ICT strategic partnership project
Promoting teaching methods collaborative, interdisciplinary learning will induce the creation of a holistic pedagogical framework.
The development of intercultural competences will form positive attitudes towards diversity and equity among teachers from all four high schools that form the strategic partnership.

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