The role of ICT tools in motivating learning and increasing the quality of education​

3 st Meeting – Lithuania

The purpose of LTT in Lithuania is to learn of programming by LEGO and to build and program an autonomous LEGO MINDSTORMS robot.

STEM learning with LEGO is a program dedicated to students (14 – 19 years old) that aims to introduce them to the fascinating world of science and technology through a sporting approach.

The objectives are:
– promoting innovative pedagogical methods
– Promoting open education and innovative practices in the new digital age
– use and development of OER resources

The methods used are: problem solving, project learning, collaborative, pupil-centered, active learning.
Dicted frames will work with students in these activities. Each team will include one student and one teacher from each partner country.
The activity will take place in computer science laboratories, under the guidance of IT, English and Science Teachers, in Lithuania and in collaboration with the project coordinator.
Students, together with the teachers, will research a given subject, plan and realize the programming and testing of an autonomous robot to solve the given mission.

The participating teachers will organize dissemination sessions with teachers and pupils from their schools and implement the first lego league program in optional classroom programs, if this is possible, and if there are no optional programs in extracurricular activities by organizing of competitions in real or virtual environments.

Through all the activities carried out, a sense of trust and motivation is created, with an impact both on the      personality of each and on the
organizations involved.

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