The role of ICT tools in motivating learning and increasing the quality of education​

1 st Meeting-Turkey

The purpose of LTT in Turkey is to develop communication skills, teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving by learning the programming using the STEM concept – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. A programming language proposed by the Turkish partner is Scrach,a programming platform that teaches beginners how to encode in a fun way using simple animations.
Turkish teachers will use a simple programming environment for students between the ages of 14 -18.
By the end of the lessons, students from the partner countries will learn the following:
– Understand and appreciate computer programming as a basic tool in the new digital age
– Learn to think creatively, rationalize systematically and coherently.
– Learn to program by creating simple animations using the Scrach computer code to tell stories, create games, and share ideas. Simple programs will be created that will help them develop a range of coding and problem-solving skills.
Used materials: a computer or a Scrach-installed mobile phone.
Lessons will take place in the computer lab and will be planned and organized by the Turkish IT teachers and Scientists
In the lessons will be presented: the interface, the working tools, the control blocks, scrach programming blocks. Students will learn how to use commands from the category of operators that allow performing arithmetic operations such as splitting, adding, subtracting and multiplying, generating random numbers, comparing numbers, and using logical operations.
Students will replicate on their own Scratch environment the activities presented during the lesson.

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